About me

Ana Bokstrom is a Canadian sculptor whose primary medium is paper clay. Ana learned sculpture through mentorship with other sculptors but has also done a year at the Alberta College of Art and Design and several summers at Red Deer College’s summer art series working with artists from around the world. Ana has studied and sculpted on the northwest coast of B.C., in northern Canada, in Equador and in California. She has sold her sculptures in Santa Monica, CA and at various galleries in BC and Alberta.

Sculpture with Spirit…

Ana’s unique, wall mounted clay sculptures are created using her own unique process – a combination of flexible armatures and paper clay. The flexible armatures are made using lycra and vermiculite and allow her to change the shape of the piece throughout the process. The paper clay is much stronger and more workable while in the green stage and creates a lighter clay after firing as the paper fibres burn off in the kiln. The pieces are then finished with terra sigillata (a fine clay finish first used by the Romans to create a coloured clay surface with a soft sheen) and/or glaze.

“I love the spontaneity that working on a flexible armature allows me. I love being able to follow my vision as it emerges, rather than pre-planning the piece.”


My Portfolio

I enjoy working in a variety of styles – both functional and sculptural – I classify my work under figurative, abstract, functional and masks.


Ana’s figurative sculpture is seldom a body that you would call conventionally beautiful – she likes to find beauty in the unlikely places. The girth of a sumo wrestler, an exploration of well endowed woman – even an insect.


Ana’s masks are an expression of the cultural and spiritual heritage of a whole range of places she’s visited… or maybe only dreamed about. She uses a process she invented using paperclay over soft forms, fired in a range of kilns – electric, wood or raku as well as pit firing.

Ana’s masks are generally quite powerful and archetypal though she sometimes does playful pieces.


Sometimes exploring the spirit with is more interesting when you strip away everything but the simplest form. Can you still express the life within without the ability to identify the specifics of the lifeform?

Ana’s LifeFORMS and the SEEDS series explore this concept.