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Work in Progress

“I love to play with form, imbuing it with Spirit. These pieces are what I’m currently working on.”



Trophy Wife

Trophy Wife came about while I was pondering my assumption that by this stage of my life society would be somewhat farther along on the issue of equality of the sexes. Why is it that we've had such a hard time getting past the objectification of women in the media? I think society as a whole suffers when we encourage young women to think of their worth in terms of their physical attributes rather than their passion and compassion.This piece [...]


Takamayama is named after a famous sumo wrestler. I sculpted this piece when I was exploring the beauty in an unconventional body image. We don't normally consider someone with the girth of a sumo as physically beautiful (unless you're Japanese maybe). Sumo's don't normally have tattoos but I was also reading a book about the Japanese mafia - the Yakuza - and their symbolic tattoos. This piece was sculpted from a solid block of porcelain and then hollowed out [...]


Ana’s figurative sculpture is seldom a body that you would call conventionally beautiful – she likes to find beauty in the unlikely places. The girth of a sumo wrestler, an exploration of well endowed woman – even an insect.


Ana’s masks are an expression of the cultural and spiritual heritage of a whole range of places she’s visited… or maybe only dreamed about. She uses a process she invented using paperclay over soft forms, fired in a range of kilns – electric, wood or raku as well as pit firing.

Ana’s masks are generally quite powerful and archetypal though she sometimes does playful pieces.


Sometimes exploring the spirit with is more interesting when you strip away everything but the simplest form. Can you still express the life within without the ability to identify the specifics of the lifeform?

Ana’s LifeFORMS and the SEEDS series explore this concept.